Prepolator takes the guess work out of getting your fonts ready for interpolation. And, best of all, it does this fast.


The process of preparing fonts for interpolation always seems to take more time than it should. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. Prepolator lets you compare common glyphs across a range of fonts so that you can quickly assess and adjust the interpolation compatibility. What once took hours to do can now be done in minutes.


Simple Interface

Prepolator shows glyphs, contours and points in an easy to understand and easy on the eyes interface. You can quickly compare contours across the glyphs and instantly see a preview interpolation to determine if things are working the way you want them to. If you need to adjust something, a keystroke here and there and you are on your way to the next glyph.

Compatibility Reporting

Prepolator tests your glyphs and lets you know if you have things to work out or not. If you do need to look some things over, it will give you some advice on what it thinks could be wrong. It tries to be helpful.

Automatic Compatibility Repair

In many, if not most cases, if your contours have a consistent number of points across the glyphs, Prepolator can sort out the proper contour order, contour direction and start point position automatically. Seriously.

Works with Superpolator

Prepolator doesn't actually do interpolation for you. Why? Because LettError's Superpolator is awesome. Head over there and pick up Superpolator if you are serious about interpolation. Tell them Type Supply sent you.


A single user license costs $250.

Still Interested?

Head over to the contact page to get in touch with me about licensing.



  • Mac OS 10.6+