MetricsMachine is an optimized environment built for creating high-quality, hand-made kerning as quickly as possible.


No one likes kerning. It's a tedious task, but it has to be done. MetricsMachine is streamlined for a professional workflow: you create groups of similarly shaped glyphs, then you create lists of pairs that you want to proof, then you proof those pairs one at a time until you are finished, then you export your kerning to an OpenType ready feature file. After that, you can get back to doing something more interesting than kerning.


Intuitive, Clutter-Free Interface

MetricsMachine gets out of the way so that you can focus on your kerning, not on trying to figure out the interface. Nearly every task is done in a visual way with instant feedback. No more guessing about what is going on.

Advanced Group Editor

In MetricsMachine you work with kerning groups (you may know of these as "classes"). You build these in an advanced, visual group editor that quietly keeps your groups compliant with the OpenType specification.

Powerful Transformations

Have you ever thought, "Why do I have to kern small caps with other small caps? I've already kerned the uppercase with the uppercase and the small caps have the same shapes!" MetricsMachine lets you copy kerning from one thing to another, scale it, round it, shift it and/or threshold it.

Dynamic Contexts

Tired of building text files containing lines of text over and over so that you have something to look at in a kerning editor? MetricsMachine lets you define smart contexts that are used for displaying your kerning pairs on the fly. You still have to build text files, but they can be a lot simpler.

Pair List Builder

Those text files mentioned above? Yeah, MetricsMachine helps you with that. It has a clean drag and drop interface for creating those pesky lists of pairs. Also, it can help you cut down on the number of pairs you need to put in your lists. Even less time kerning!


A single user license costs $500.

Still Interested?

Head over to the contact page to get in touch with me about licensing.



  • Mac OS 10.6+