You have questions. I may have answers.

Why did you make these tools?

I'm a designer. I don't have much patience for doing tedious tasks like kerning. I got tired of waiting for someone to make tools that worked in smart ways, so I taught myself computer programming. I've made them available to other designers because I think that they can help other people as well.

I'm just getting started in type design, should I use your tools?

I don't suggest jumping into type design with these tools. My software is built for the demanding professional workflow. While they aren't difficult to use, they do require a working knowledge of the trade. I'd suggest waiting to see if you run into a need for these tools before licensing them.

I'm a student, Do you offer student discounts?

There is no discounted price for students. Instead, students get to use these tools for free for one year. You will need to provide me with the name of your school, a Google-able professor's name and email address and a brief explanation of why you need the tool(s). I will contact your professor to confirm your student status and send you the tool(s). If you are a student and you are looking at these tools, please read the "I'm just getting started in type design" question above before contacting me.

Why are your tools so expensive?

I don't think they are expensive. In fact, compared to how much time they will save you over the course of a single project, they are quite inexpensive. Besides, did you see all the stuff that I give away for free?

Do you offer a site-license discount?

I'm sorry, but no. The tools are inexpensive compared to what they do and how much time they save in the production process.

I like your tools, but they don't fit my preferred workflow. Will you change them for me?

Probably not. I've built these tools around my workflow. If that works for you, great. If not, keep doing what you are doing. If you really want a new tool that works the way you want it to, you can always build your own.

I have a great idea for a new tool. Will you build it for me?

No, but I'll give you a head start on your new tool.

I think application _____ is better than _____.

Great! Use that application! Seriously, my tools aren't for everyone. If something works better for you, keep using it.

Why can't I order your tools directly on this site?

Because I'm a terrible web developer.